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A Bavarian delicacy.
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Steckerlfisch is a skewered, highly seasoned fish (trout, salmon trout or vendace)
served in beer gardens in Upper and Lower Bavaria and at festivals

Steckerlfisch is eaten either from the paper in which it was wrapped after being grilled, or on a plate. It is eaten with a pretzel or a bread roll Production Area:
Southern Bavaria.

Steckerlfisch is usually a freshwater fish from the lakes, rivers or fish farms south of Munich, for example trout, salmon trout or vendace and various species of whitefish.
In accordance with old tradition, the fish for the Oktoberfest mainly come from the Chiemsee. The crispy skin is typical for all Steckerlfisch, regardless of the type of fish.

The fish are as usual scaled, cleaned, gutted and washed. After being salted, they are placed on fresh wooden skewers which are not too thin. The fire should no longer be
burning and the skewer is stuck in the ground at an angle so that the fish grills above the embers. Charcoal is used nowadays. The Steckerlfisch is subsequently turned a
number of times and brushed with melted butter in order that the skin becomes crispy.

There are many Steckerlfisch stands at Bavaria festivals, particularly at the Oktoberfest. Steckerlfisch is also available in many Bavaria beer gardens.
In summer in Bavaria beer gardens and at the Oktoberfest and during the festival period

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