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A Bavarian delicacy.
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The birth of Weißwurst mustard occurred in 19th century Munich with the sweet mustardís creation attributed to Johann Conrad Develey. This businessman came from an old Hugenot family (de Veley) and had landed in Munich from French Switzerland via Lindau and Augsburg where he completed his school leaving certificate.

At that time, the mustard business in the Bavarian capital was almost completely in female hands. Munich women traded in the coveted ware from small premises mostly as a part time occupation. In 1845 Devely started a mustard factory in Kaufingerstraße, entrance Augustinerstraße, i.e. right in the centre of Munich, which produced mustard on the best artisan basis but with material that had already been industrially processed.

His products quickly earned high esteem. Initial offerings included French type medium and strong mustards. However the company owner was an advanced thinker who enjoyed experimenting, continuously trying out new variations and developing these innovative mixtures until they were completely perfect. He recognised very quickly that a sweet variation of mustard was missing on the market. Thus in 1854 Johann Conrad Develey added for the first time vinegar, sugar and spices to yellow and brown mustard and boiled the mixture.

The sugar was caramelised through dipping red-hot pokers into it. This created a very fine taste, which gave the mustard an excellent flavour. Mixed and boiled with water, salt, onions, ground cloves, a little Jamaica pimento and nutmeg produced a mustard that no one had known until then. Later, the mustard grains were no longer boiled but instead rough-ground. Deverley secured the breakthrough for his new discovery through mixing-in brown icing sugar. With this final touch, sweet mustard was born: a Munich speciality that was to gain worldwide fame - just like its congenial future eating

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