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A Bavarian delicacy.
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Taxi München OnlineDescription:
Spreadable cheese preparation.

Colour: light, shading to reddish according to the amount of paprika used.

Flavour: mild to spicy, depending on the amount of onions. .

Obazda is at home in every beer garden. It is eaten spread on bread or with a pretzel.

Production Area:
Bavaria. In Franconia Obazda is known as Gerupfter. It is also sometimes described as the Franconian brother of Obazdn.

There is no guarantee, but it is possible that Obazde has been served as long as beer has been known in the Weihenstephan monastery north of Munich.
It became well known in the 1920s when it was served by the licensee Kathi Eisenreich to her guests in the Weihenstephaner Bräustüberl.
She did not know what to do with a too large order of small Camembert rounds, but then the cook had the idea of mixing them with spices and some
onions and then finishing the mix off with some beer.

Camembert, double cream cheese, butter, salt, pepper, caraway, paprika, finely chopped onions and a few dessertspoonfuls of beer.
Sometimes the caraway and the beer are left out. In Franconia the beer can be replaced with wine from the area.

Camembert und cream cheese are mashed with the fork and mixed. Then butter and other ingredients are added.
Finally the beer is poured over the whole and everything once again well mixed.

Obazda is a permanent part of Bavaria cuisine and is home made in many homes and hostelries.

Quelle:Landesvereinigung der Bayerischen Milchwirtschaft e.V.

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