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  Castle Nymphenburg  

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With its unique combination of architecture and garden design, Nymphenburg is one of the best examples in Europe of a synthesis of the arts. Following the birth of the heir to the throne, Max Emanuel, Elector Ferdinand Maria and his consort commissioned the architect Agostino Barelli to build Nymphenburg Palace, which was begun in 1664.

During the reign of Max Emanuel the complex was extended with side galleries and residential buildings designed in 1701 by Henrico Zuccalli. From 1714, under the direction of Joseph Effner, the adjacent four-winged buildings were completed and the façade of the central building was modernized in the French style: the private country house was now an extensive summer residence of absolutist proportions. Max Emanuel’s successor, Elector Karl Albrecht, completed the complex on the city side with the Rondell buildings. The interior rooms present exhibitions and works of art from the Baroque period to Classicism.

The tour of the palace also includes a look at the room in which King Ludwig II of Bavaria was born. Another highlight is the world-famous "Gallery of Beauties", with portraits commissioned by King Ludwig I.


Amalienburg 360° Panorama .   Beauty Gallery 360° Panorama .   Stone Hall 360° Panorama .   Castle Park 360° Panorama .   forecourt 360° Panorama .

Rose Island

in Lake Starnberg is the only island in the lake and site of a royal villa of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. He was particularly attached to this place and made frequent renovations and remodelings of the small garden and the villa, which is called casino. Guests on the island were the composer Richard Wagner, Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Czarina Maria Alexandrovna of Russia. The villa is today a small museum and open to the general public.
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Royal stud museum:
To to the special attractions of the Mars stable museum in the castle the gold coaches and sleighs belong to Ludwigs II.
The splendor vehicle One of the most beautiful ones is the puttos sleigh. The crown carried by Amoretten could by hidden batteries electrically is lit up: a magic sight for the subjects to whom electric light was still foreign(strange).
However, the dearest vehicle of the king was probably the Small gala vehicle which could go according to season with sleigh skids or wheels.


King Ludwig II.   Castle Linderhof and the King's House on the Schachen.   Castle Herrenchiemsee.

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