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A Bavarian delicacy.
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Taxi Munich OnlineDescription: Brezen are lye-washed bakery products. They are available in different shapes and sizes, mostly strewn with salt,
although the salt can be replaced with poppy, sesame, pumpkin or sunflower seeds.

The pretzel is a baked product made from wheat flour and yeast and weighing from 50 to 250 g.

The crust of the pretzel is thin, chestnut brown and baked to a gloss and is mostly strewn with rough salt.

Inside, however, the dough is soft and light-coloured.

The pretzel is a permanent part of the Bavarias bread-based snack culture. Additionally it is irreplaceable as side dish with Weißwurst and Leberkäse.

Production Area:
The pretzel is produced throughout Bavaria and known by young and old.

The pretzel has also been well known over a very long period, although not in its present form. It is from a malleable bread product and possibly had its origin in the Roman ring bread which served as accompaniment to the evening meal then. This ring bread was especially prevalent in monasteries. At first, the ring form changed into a ring with an arm giving an approximation of the figure six.

The step to the present pretzel shape was achieved by the bringing together and joining of two of these “armed” pretzels. The pretzel as we know it now thus appeared and the name came from the old high German 'Brezitella' in turn from the Latin 'Brachiatellium', which roughly translates as “little arms”.

The pretzel symbolised arms stretched out in prayer and was a special product baked for holidays such as New Year’s Day, Palm Sunday or Harvest Thanksgiving.
Because there were especially numerous monasteries in southern Germany the pretzel was also more present in that region.

Quelle:Der junge Bäcker, Bd. I 0, Seite 319 (PF)
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