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A Bavarian delicacy.
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2016 is the Reinheitsgebot 500 years old
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An alcoholic drink, colour from light to dark, with alcohol content from < 0.5 - 9 vol. % and, according to the type of beer, a fine bitter to malty-aromatic taste.

Bavarian beer is best consumed in social surroundings with friends and acquaintances and along with bread snacks in beer gardens.

Bavaria’s beer is so multi-facetted that it can excellently match meat and fish meals as well as salads and vegetable dishes.

Production Area:
Beer brewed in Bavaria has not only an enthusiastic following at home in the Free State but its unique quality means that it is also exported to the furthest corners of the world.

In the Bavarian Free State can be found the oldest evidence of brewing activity in Germany. The oldest surviving brewery in Bavaria is the Klosterbrauerei (monastery brewery) Weihenstephan. Brewing in Weihenstephan officially began in 1040 when the then abbot, Arnold, managed to secure brewing and selling rights from the town of Freising. But even before this, beer was being brewed in Weihenstephan.
In 725 St. Korbinian founded a Benedictine monastery on the Nährberg and with that also grounded the art of brewing in Weihenstephan. Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria decreed in 1516 the famous Bavarian Beer Purity Statute, which laid down that only water, hops and barley could be used for Bavarian beer – a move which proved the foundation of the beer’s worldwide reputation. Up to the present day it is thus guaranteed that this beer contains, for example, no chemical additives or lower quality malt substitutes.
With just a little less than 700 breweries, Bavaria has the greatest density of breweries in the world, which also means that 44% of all breweries in the European Union are situated in the Free State. The quality and the reputation of Bavarian beer are above all due to the centuries of tradition involved in the industry. During this time a large number of very different recipes have developed leading to a variety of beers that is unique. Bavaria is also the birthplace of Weizenbier or wheat beer as well as the location of the world’s largest Weizenbier brewery. Because of this long tradition and variety of types, Bavarian beer enjoys the highest respect from beer drinkers everywhere.

High quality raw materials from the locality are used: water, hops and barley. Bavaria is a leading growing area for brewing barley and the Bavarian region of Hallertau is the largest continuous hop growing area in the world.

The beer wort is produced from different batches of milled malt and water The wort is then boiled while hops are added whereby the brewing master determines, according to recipe, the type of mother wort – which gives the strength of the final beer - through the length of time and temperature reached in the heating operation. After this, the wort is cooled and run into the fermenter. Fermentation of sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide takes place after yeast is added. The young beer is then left to mature over a set period in storage tanks before it is filled in barrels either unfiltered or filtered.

There are more than 650 breweries in Bavaria.

Bavarian breweries produce a total of around 20 million hectolitres of beer annually.

Famous beer festivals such as the Munich Oktoberfest attract locals and visitors from all over the world. Those seeking quiet and relaxation can enjoy the summer in Bavarian beer gardens: the beer tastes especially good enjoyed in the shade of old lime or chestnut trees!

Legal protection:
In June 2001 the Council of Ministers of the European Union approved the application of the Bavarian Federation of Brewers for an appellation of origin protecting the description "Bayerisches Bier" within the European Union. This means the term is protected throughout the EU from now on and may only be applied to beer from Bavarian wort kettles and thus brewed according to the Bavarian Beer Purity Statute.

Quelle: Bayerischer Brauerbund e. V.

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